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Lebanese Recipes & Cuisine

One of the most common things you’ll hear before a meal in Lebanon is, “Please, come, the table is ready”. This is a warm invitation that is readily welcomed, because Lebanese cuisine is more than just a collection of dishes - it is a festival of delicious appetizers, rich appealing tastes, enticing colours and warm hospitality. From the evergreen mountains to fields of Lebanon, each region brings its own unique flavours that transcend borders within the country and across the world. So it doesn’t matter how big the table is, a Lebanese mezze can pack a lot within a little!

Made in Lebanon, enjoyed across the world. Irresistible, healthy and universally loved, Lebanese cuisine is tempting, tantalizing and offers a truly sensational experience of taste and aroma. Fresh vegetables and ingredients; tabouleh, fattoush with olive oil, homos with tahini, eggplant paste, green beans, okra with tomato and garlic sauce, kidney beans, foul modamas… the list goes on and on. A typical spread would also include kebbeh, shish tawook, kaftah, freekeh of all kinds with chicken, beef or vegetables, shish barak, mojadara, sayadiyah – a combination of lip-smacking taste and health-friendly dishes. But that’s not all, wait till sweets are served – every bite inspires another!

Besides being delightfully delicious and absolutely healthy, presentation plays a prominent part in Lebanese cuisine. From fantastic mezzes to appetizing dishes, every spread brings out the very essence of the cuisine. So, if you sit to a Lebanese table and take the first bite, the sights, sounds and aromas are sure to put you into the mood for some fun with friends and family.

Lebanese Recipes from Nestlé

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