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NIDO® Mother's Day Event

NIDO® Mother's Day Event

Family Fun

Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai
United Arab Emirates

21 March, 2014
This event has ended
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This impactful record breaking event was built on a regional collaboration of children expressing their love to their mothers on Mother’s Day through in-school Mother’s Day drawing competition. Capturing the emotional bond at home, NESTLE NIDO successfully brought to life the true essence of the mother-child relationship by creating a complete arena of spontaneous family love for kids at the Dubai Mall Ice Rink.

Bringing all forms of expression (writing, drawing, and speaking) to one iconic location, the world’s largest mall; NIDO gave children basic tools to share their love verbally, actively, and artistically. 10,000 total contacts in 1 DAY, 31,000 live tweets generated through witnessing The world largest mother’s day greeting card crafted with 8,000 children expressions of love to their mother.