Congratulations! You have begun one of life’s most awe-inspiring processes, the time when new life grows within you.


Your child will grow faster during the first year than at any other time of life. Generally, by the end.

Feed their

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Ensure your baby gets enough iron

Iron deficiency is a common but preventable health problem in children. Here is how you can recognize the symptoms of iron deficiency and, more importantly, how you can prevent it.

The Biofactors Approach

Breast feeding or human milk is well known the world over as a sound basis for infant optimal nutrition and well-being. Egypt is no exception where human milk has been widely

Planning for Birth

There are many questions about labor and delivery that you will want to ask yourself—and your health care provider—weeks before the onset of labor. You have a lot of choices to make about the

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You and Your Doctor

At the beginning of your pregnancy you should establish a working relationship with a doctor or other health care professional. Your chosen health care professional may be a gynecologist (who also practices as an obstetrician)

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