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Why is water important?

Water is the most important element of the body; it is the essence of life. Without it our body will not function properly.

• Hydrates the body • Helps maintain good skin • Regulates body temperature • Eliminates wastes • Enhances performance.

How much water should your kid have every day?

On average, your kid needs 8 glasses of water every day. The exact amount depends on his weight and age.



Make sure your kid takes a break every 15 minutes and has a cup of water.


Ensure there is a bottle of water in every room in the house; this will increase the likeliness that your kid will drink water frequently.


Be your kid’s role model. If carbonated drinks are your preferred choice they will be his as well. Drink healthy! Your child will as well!


Encourage your kid to eat fresh fruits and vegetables regularly as they are rich in water, fiber and vitamins and minerals

Is your KID drinking enough water?

You can ensure your kid is drinking enough water by the color of his urine. Your kid’s urine should be light in color and have a neutral smell during the day, except when he wakes up in the morning.

good to know

60-70% of your kid's body consists of water after he turns two. This percentage is even higher in the first few months of life, reaching 75%. This in itself shows how water is so essential to living.

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