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Snacking between meals can be healthy when chosen in a smart way and in small portions. Discover why it's important to snack, when is the good time to snack and what kind of healthy and fun snacks you can offer your kid.

Why Snack?

Why snack?

To curb your kid's hunger and sustain him till the next meal. To give him energy so he'll be able to continue his activities. To provide him with nutrients that help him meet his daily nutritional needs.

When to Snack?

When to snack?

1 snack half-way between breakfast and lunch and 1 snack between lunch and dinner. Remember not to serve snacks directly before the main meals, or else your kid will not be hungry enough to consume his lunch or dinner.

          ideassnack ideas

Browse our delicious and healthy snack selection and learn how to prepare them!

good to know

Did you know that 25% of a kid's daily energy intake comes from snacking between meals? Unfortunately, much of this nibbling is on pre-packaged snack foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients. It's not snacking that's a bad thing, it's unhealthy snacking. So make sure your kid gets his two healthy snacks a day!

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