Coffee Recipes

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Hmmm... NESCAFÉ the delicious way! Try out these recipes and enjoy them with friends. We give you some invaluable tips to help ensure your cup of NESCAFÉ coffee tastes just the way our blending experts intended it, with full flavours and rich aromas. Prepare your NESCAFÉ... just add the recommended amount of NESCAFÉ to your cup, pour water over it, add milk or sugar if you wish, and enjoy the moment!

NESCAFÉ Coffee Recipes

There’s a lot in the water… the quality of water you use – in terms of the amount of minerals and additives it contains – can greatly affect the taste of coffee. For best results, try using low to medium mineralized water when making your next cup of coffee. If using tap water, let the tap run for a while before filling the kettle, particularly first thing in the morning. This clears out the water that has stood overnight in the pipes. Bring water to the boil, but don’t boil it for too long as this removes oxygen and makes a flatter cup of coffee.

Time is important too… Drink the coffee as soon as possible after adding hot water. After breaking the seal on a jar of NESCAFÉ coffee, it is best used within four to six weeks and should be kept in a cool, dry place. This will enhance its ‘keeping quality’. You shouldn’t transfer the coffee to another container unless it has a perfect seal. Buy your favorite coffee in small amounts, enough for just four to six weeks. During this time, flavour and aroma keep at their best in the well-sealed jar you bought it in. Just add freshly boiled water, and enjoy all the taste and aroma of NESCAFÉ!