Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow and regular cow's milk?

NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow is full cream cow's milk with added essential nutrients. It contains more Vitamin D, and much more Iron and Vitamin C. But that's not all, it is also FORTIFIED with Zinc, Vitamin A and B vitamins all of which contribute to your child's growth and development.

How can I encourage my child to drink milk if he or she doesn't like it?

Milk and calcium - rich foods are a must - have in kid's diets. But what if your child does not like to drink milk? Well, you have to improvise!
Try these suggestions:

  • Include your children in the preparation of their milk
  • Prepare a milk pudding
  • Make milk fruit smoothies
  • Buy nice cups and straws
  • Make sure your child gets the calcium from other dairy products

How many glasses of milk should my child have every day to get enough Calcium?

Calcium is essential for building strong bones and teeth especially during the bone-building years, i.e. childhood and adolescence. That's why we recommend 2 glasses of NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow everyday + 1 serving of Dairy (example: 1 cup of yogurt or 2 slices of cheese or 2 tablespoons of labneh). Remember 3 servings of Dairy every day!

Can my child drink milk if he or she is lactose intolerant?

Yes, to some extent. There are degrees of lactose intolerance: Some children can tolerate 1 glass of milk, not more, and others only other dairy products. However, before you start reducing the amount of lactose in your child's diet, you need to confirm with your child's pediatricians that he or she really has lactose intolerance. Why? Because restricting milk can put your child at high risk of calcium deficiency as well as other nutrients important for growth.

How do I make sure my child is getting all the nutrition needed to grow healthy?

To ensure your child gets all the nutrition needed every day, you must offer a variety of nutritious foods from all of the 5 food groups (Milk and Dairy, Breads and Cereals, Vegetables, Fruits, Meat and Pulses) in the right amounts for your child's age.

How many spoons of NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow are required for preparing one glass of milk?

NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow is a brand of instant milk powder that has a real full and dense taste. Each spoonful of the fine yellow white powder contains essential vitamins and minerals needed to strengthen muscles, teeth and bones. NIDO® is an excellent source of calcium and is a delicious milk mix that blends so well with coffee and chocolate. NIDO® is so easy to prepare, just mix three spoonfuls of NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow with water (250 ML) and stir. You can have the option of adding sugar to it to make it sweeter.

Should the milk be refrigerated once prepared?

Yes, once the milk is prepared it needs to be refrigerated.

Where can I find NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow?

NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow can be found in supermarkets as well as national retailers such as Carrefour, Hyper Panda and Lulu. You can also find NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow in small supermarkets.

What are the different sizes of NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow packs available in the Middle East?

NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow is available in both tins and pouches. The tins are available in 400 G, 900 G, 1800 G and as well as 2500 G. The pouches are available in 25G, 180 G, 400 G, 900 G, 1800 G, 2000 G and 2250 G

Where is NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow produced?

NIDO® is produced from its factory in Techno Park based in Dubai. The factory was officially inaugurated under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

For how long can I use the NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow pouch?

The NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow has a shelf life of 12 months. This product should be consumed before the "use by" date.

Can NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow be used for cooking purposes as well?

Besides making a cup of a nutritious drink, NIDO® can be used in cooking and baking too. Try the useful recipes in the NIDO® FORTIFIED with FortiGrow Website using NIDO® and be surprised with your food's goodness. NIDO® can be used for making soups , pancakes and kid's favorites like milk shakes.