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Eating for 2 in pregnancy is better for baby health and his weight

A common misconception! Eating for 2 doesn’t always mean a healthier and bigger baby but can mean greater weight gain for you! So rather than eating a bigger quantity of food, you need to take care of the quality of the food you eat and choose a variety that’s rich in nutrients and contains a moderate amount of calories.

It’s not until your second trimester that your calorie needs increase by 300 calories which is equivalent to a low fat labneh or cheese sandwich made with ½ loaf Arabic bread, or a bowl of low fat milk with 40 g of whole-grain cereals. So the quantity doesn’t increase so much that you’re eating for 2!

Always remember: moderate quantities of nutritious foods. This way you can make sure your baby is healthy and your weight gain is in the average range of 11-16 kg during your full pregnancy.

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