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Nutrition Tips

Healthy breakfast

Choosing a breakfast cereal? Select one that’s made with whole grains! Since it naturally retains all the nutritional benefits of the grain, especially fiber for a healthy digestion.

A bowl of breakfast cereals: a great option in the morning or at snack time! It’s an excellent source of energy and is packed with vitamins and minerals especially B-vitamins, iron and calcium.

Want to eat healthily throughout your day? Never skip breakfast! ! If you do, you’ll tend to overeat and snack on unhealthy foods during the rest of your day!

For breakfast, choose whole-wheat bread or cereals! These are a great source of complex carbs which provide you with long-lasting energy so you’ll feel more active and mentally alert for a day full of activities.

A must-have for your brain to start working properly: A healthy breakfast! It provides the morning fuel for your brain and helps you become more alert and focused on your tasks.

Want easy and quick ideas for breakfast? How about a glass of milk with either a bowl of whole grain breakfast cereals or a whole wheat cheese or labneh sandwich? Simple and nutritious!

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