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Nestlé Nutritional Compass

Making healthier choices for you and your family can be very confusing. We at Nestlé Family want to provide you with the relevant information to help you make healthier choices. We believe that by providing transparent and easy to understand nutrition information on all our products, we can meet this vision, which is why we offer an approach to labeling to help you achieve a balanced diet.This approach is called the Nestlé Nutritional Compass® and is present on all our product packs. Below is an interactive example.

Nutritional Information

This information is given in a standardised format that will allow you to easily check the amount of energy, protein, carbohydrate and fat in a serving of the product. The information is given per typical serving of the product. Each brand may decide to supply additional nutritional information such as the amount of fiber, sodium, sugars and saturated fatty acids.

Good Question

This box is a question related to the product and its place in your diet. The question is related to the consumption of the product as part of your diet.

Good to Know

This information box answers the question asked in the "Good Question" box. It provides key nutritional information about the product. This could be a message relating to an ingredient in the product or it could address issues of public concern, e.g., amount of fat, sugars or salt contained in the product and how consumption of this product fits in your diet.

Good to Remember

Good to Remember This box provides general or product specific nutrition tips, advice and information , for example, offering information on how to include the food as part of a balanced diet.

Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA)

Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) are guidelines for healthy adults and children regarding the approximate amount of macronutrients: Fats, Saturated fats, total carbohydrates, total sugars, protein, fibre, sodium and Salt, required daily for a healthy diet. People vary in many ways, such as sex, age, size and activity levels, therefore GDAs should be taken as guidelines and not targets. GDA labeling aims to empower you to make informed choices about the product you buy through the easy icon on the front of pack.

GDA Energy Icon

The GDA icon on the front of pack clearly shows the serving size of the product, the amount of calories per serving and the percentage your daily amount of energy contained in this serving. The GDA values shown on a food or drink label are those for an average active adult or where specified for an active child.

GDA in Nutritional Information

In addition to the front of pack icon , the GDA percentages are provided for all the nutrients in the nutrition table.

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