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How can I increase my calcium intake?

A. Such an important mineral to have in your diet, calcium helps build  and maintain strong and healthy bones. The best sources of calcium are milk and dairy products. Other good sources include sardines, almonds, spinach, okra and  white beans. Remember that calcium absorption from milk and dairy products is much more than its absorption from other sources, and thus it’s recommended to eat 3  servings of dairy daily in order to meet your daily requirements of this sential  mineral. 1 serving is equivalent to 1 glass of milk or yogurt/laban, 2 slices of cheese or 2 tablespoons of labneh.

Here are some practical tips to increase your calcium intake

  • Have your morning glass of low fat milk.
  • Incorporate milk and dairy products in your cooking such as shish barak, lasagne, squash and yogurt, kibbeh and yogurt, vegetable gratin, mushroom soup prepared with milk...
  • Enrich your diet with healthy calcium-rich snack options such as low-fat fruit-flavoured  yogurt, low-fat cheese or labneh on brown toast, low-fat milk with whole-grain cereals,  rice pudding or mouhallabieh prepared with low-fat milk, vanilla-flavoured low-fat  ice-cream or handful of unsalted almonds.
  • Consider adding some of the calcium-rich vegetable sources to your weekly menu:  spinach or okra stew, steamed broccoli, cooked chickpeas or hommus bi tahini.
  • Start-up your lunch or dinner with calcium-rich salads such as yogurt and cucumber   salad with mint, greek salad with feta cheese, rocket with mushroom topped with  parmesan cheese...

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