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I want to remove only the fat concentrated in my tummy, is there a special food formula that I can follow?

A. Unfortunately there is no diet, miracle food, special medications or herb that will cause your body to lose fat in just one place. Only when you lose weight healthily, will you lose weight from all areas of your body including the fat concentrated in your tummy. And the best way to lose weight consistently and keep it off is to combine a moderately low calorie, low fat diet with a properly designed exercise programme.

To follow a healthy and balanced diet plan, you can consult a dietician who can prepare a specific diet for you according to your weight, height, age, activity level and general health.

Start up by lowering the quantity of fat in your diet. You can do this by choosing low fat options of milk and dairy, lean meats and avoiding fried food, creamy sauces and heavy sweets. Also gradually increase fiber in your diet which is found in vegetables, fruits, whole-grains and legumes (lentils, chickpeas and beans). Remember to drink your 8 glasses of water every day!

In addition to a healthy diet, exercise can help reduce your body fat. You can start out by doing some kind of aerobic activity such as walking briskly, jogging, bike-riding or any aerobic fitness class, and then spend a few minutes toning your problem area. To get more results, you can consult with a sports/gym instructor who’ll design a proper workout for you that targets your abdominal fat.

Use the Wellness Indicatortool to guide you to reach your healthy weight!

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