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My blood type is O+, is there a special diet for my blood type?

A. Well in theory you would need a high protein diet and lots of meat! But too much meat (protein) and too little carbohydrates can put a load on your kidneys and give you many unpleasant side effects. What if you have a certain medical condition where you need to limit your meat intake? What if you prefer vegetarian food options? And what about healthy salads, fruits, legumes, low fat dairy, bread and grains: are these foods bad for you or will they make you gain weight? In practice NO! The hypothesis that you should eat according to your blood type is unsupported by scientific studies!

Not only that, but it has many shortcomings:

  • If you eat one type of food or a group of foods, you would miss out on many essential nutrients that your body needs and on the long run, this can result in vitamin or mineral deficiencies and their health consequences.

  • You cannot maintain this type of diet because it’s too restricting.

  • Each person is unique with different nutritional needs, food preferences, medical conditions, lifestyle… you cannot limit a person by his own blood type diet!

And last but not least, the foundation of a healthy diet is to have a variety of food from all the food groups: bread and grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat and legumes, in order to get all the nutrients that you need. To lose weight healthily,you can consult a dietitian to provide you with a moderately low calorie, low fat, high fiber diet that suits you best.

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