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My hair is falling out, what can I eat for healthy hair?

A. Although diet is one factor that affects your hair health, there are other causes for hair fall which includes hormonal factors (especially post-pregnancy and delivery), stressful situations, recent surgery or taking certain medications. So it’s advisable to visit your dermatologist to assess your case and recommend a cure.

Going back to nutrition and hair health, consuming a diet rich in essential nutrients helps maintain healthy and glowing hair. Here are some nutritious tips:

  • Consume hair-healthy zinc-rich sources such as meats, eggs and seafood.
  • Include moderate amounts of essential fats in your diet to keep your hair shiny. These include nuts (walnuts, almonds and pistachios), fish (salmon and sardines) and vegetable oils (olive oil).
  • Maintain adequate iron stores in your body by eating meat, lentils and beans, eggs and green leafy vegetables. These foods are also good source of biotin which is essential for healthy hair.
  • Remember to have a variety of colored fruits and vegetables that can help maintain the vitality of your hair.

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