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What are the signs that I am dehydrated?

  • You become thirsty! In this case you are 1% dehydrated.

  • You get tired! Even mild dehydration can create a reduction in muscle performance. If you’re dehydrated while physically active, a drop in water level as little as 2% of body weight can significantly reduce physical endurance and adversely affect sports performance and muscular strength.

  • You find it difficult to concentrate on your work and perform your tasks: Again even a moderate dehydration of only 2% of your body weight can alter certain cognitive functions such as concentration, visual tracking, alertness and short-term memory which can lead to a state of fatigue and headache.

  • Your skin feels dull and dry and that’s because the skin is made of 75% water!

  • You may experience the undesirable symptoms of constipation; you need enough water in the digestive system for the food to move smoothly in your intestine and get eliminated from the body.

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