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Dark chocolate…really just a guilty pleasure?

Adult Nutrition
06 December 2014

Dark chocolate can actually be good for you! Too good to be true? A new study has highlightedthe benefit of consuming dark chocolate in moderate amounts in improving walking distance, otherwise known as walking autonomy, in PAD (peripheral artery disease) patients.

Researchers elaborated that the polyphenol compounds found excessively in dark chocolate (as opposed to milk chocolate) could be responsible for imposing positive health benefits in PAD patients. Moreover, the study concluded that this particular trait of dark chocolate could be derived and facilitated by an oxidative stress mechanism.

Article link: Dark Chocolate Acutely Improves Walking Autonomy in Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease - Lorenzo Loffredo, Ludovica Perri, Elisa Catasca, Pasquale Pignatelli, Monica Brancorsini, Cristina Nocella, Elena De Falco, Simona Bartimoccia, Giacomo Frati, Roberto Carnevale and Francesco Violi

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