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NESTLÉ® Pure Life®

Bottled Water

Nestlé Pure Life water with its light feel has quite a thirst quenching effect. Its flowing texture and inherent consistency is appealing to the whole family.

Nestlé Pure Life can be found in many points of sale, including retail or restaurants. It is also available by Home and Office Delivery. Nestlé Pure Life is a product of good value – a high quality brand positioned at an affordable price.

To satisfy all your needs for pure water, Nestlé Pure Life is available in a wide variety of packaging formats, from the individual bottle for on-the-go consumption (0.33L to 1L), to the family size bottle (1,5L & 2L) and larger formats from 5 Litres to 5 Gallons (18.9L) for in-home and office usage.

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