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Are you one of many women who love to have smooth glowing skin? Do you take care of your skin by applying creams and lotions for more moisture and health? The fact is, beauty also comes from within. Taking care of your body from the inside not only keeps you healthy, but it will enable you to radiate from the outside.

How to take care of your skin from the inside?

Drink Enough Water!

Your body loses water throughout the day and you need to take in at least as much as you lose. If your body loses much more fluid than you are drinking, your skin will become dry which can lead to cracks. These cracks allow germs to enter, which in turn can cause infection. Water keeps your skin looking fresher, so drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin from the inside. So for healthy skin, drink at least 1.5 litres of water (8 glasses) every day.

Eat a Healthy Well-Balanced Diet!

By maintaining a healthy balanced diet, you may ensure the skin is getting optimal nutrition from the foods you eat. Have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and try to make sure that your meals are lower in fat. Fresh fruits and veggies help in both ways - make your skin healthy and beautiful and simultaneously balance your weight.

Avoid Constipation!

Being constipated doesn’t reflect well on skin. To prevent it, make sure you consume foods rich in fibre that is well known for helping maintain a healthy digestive system. It can support digestion and regulate bowel movement. Eat more beans, bran, whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water and other liquids such as fruit and vegetable juices and clear soups for a healthy digestive system.

Exercise Regularly!

Exercise brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin, making it firmer and better nourished. It is also thought to slow down aging. Start getting some fresh air every day by taking a brisk walk around the house; and make this a regular habit. 

Release your Stress!

Stress is an unavoidable part of everybody’s life. It elevates the stress hormones in the body leading to skin breakouts. In addition to that, it can affect your lifestyle (lack of sleep, poor eating habits) in a way that can make your skin look dull. You can find some ways to release your stress, like yoga, meditation . . . or doing something that you enjoy like a walk in fresh air, shopping or reading a book.

Sleep Well

Nighttime is the best time to deliver nutrition to the skin. Sleep deprivation can make you look older than your age. Your muscles become fatigued, causing your face to droop. Your face may look pale because, as your body suffers exhaustion, your blood pressure drops, so that less oxygen is available to your skin cells. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Schedule it if you have to.

Avoid Smoking

Don’t forget to stay away from smoking in all its forms, even areas of smoking. Tobacco smoke released into the air dries out your skin, while the smoke you inhale constricts blood vessels, and therefore, the amount of blood flowing to the skin, robbing your skin of essential nutrients.

The skin mirrors a well-rested body endowed with vitality and health. To glow from the outside, adopt a healthy lifestyle that cleanses your inside. 

Good to Know:

When the gut is healthy, your skin looks healthy too!

Probiotics, which are healthy cultures found in foods such as yogurt, improve the health of the digestive system by reducing the level of undesirable pathogens, and this in turn reflect positively on your skin tone!

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