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Every woman has to take care of her bones at every stage of her life. Strong and healthy bones depend on a balanced diet that is rich in two essential nutrients, calcium and vitamin D which facilitate the absorption of calcium in the body.

Here is some general information about healthy bones at each stage of a woman’s life:

  • During the growing period and teenage phase: Your bones are built during this period, so enrich your diet with calcium and vitamin D to build healthy and strong bones now and in the future.
  • During the adult phase: During this period, you achieve peak bone mass; you have to protect your bones from osteoporosis in the future by maintaining good nutritional habits.
  •  During pregnancy: You need a diet rich in calcium in order to meet your needs as well as provide for your baby.
  •  During breastfeeding: Your baby derives all his nutrients from your body, so you need to compensate for this and build up your nutrient stores.
  • 30 years and above: Your bones start to lose the calcium stored during the growing period. You have to follow a healthy diet, rich in calcium and vitamin D in order to avoid bone loss and to maintain a healthy and strong skeleton.
  • Menopause: Because of hormonal changes, bone loss increases, which makes calcium and vitamin D more essential to protect your bones from osteoporosis.

Table of calcium needs at different ages:

Age Quantity of calcium recommend (mg/day)
14- 18 years
Pregnancy and breastfeeding
1300 mg
1300 mg
19 - 50 years
Pregnancy and breastfeeding
1000 mg
1000 mg
51 - 70 years old and above 1200 mg
70 year old and above 1200 mg

Good to know:

You need 3-4 glasses of milk to meet your calcium needs. Drinking only 2 glasses of Nestlé NESVITA® Pro-Bones Low Fat or 0 Fat daily will cover all your calcium needs (between ages 19-50). It also comes with Calcilock™, a unique combination of nutrients that helps absorb and lock calcium into the bones.

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