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Goodness of Water

Are you offering your child enough water?

Water is the most important element of the body; it is the essence of life. Without it, body cells will not survive and organs will not function properly.

Pregnancy month five: Have your eight glasses of water

The second trimester of pregnancy usually is the most exciting period, since you will see your pregnancy progressing and notice your baby clearly growing in size.

Water: drink up for health this summer!

Water is as precious as the air that you breathe; you cannot live without it! It is one of the most important components of all living organisms.

Check out how much water you need!

Your body has approximately 60 to 70% of water: blood is mostly water, and your muscles, lungs, and brain all contain a lot of water.

8 glasses of water for better performance!...

Water is essential for life, and being hydrated is important for you and your family's physical and mental performance.

Water: refreshes, revitalizes, rejuvenates...

Water is the largest single component of the human body as it accounts for approximately 60% of an adult's total body weight which is almost 40kg!

Don't drink enough water? Change your habit now!

Water plays an important role in your life. Just like a plant will wilt without water in just a day, so will your body.

Cool summer tips for your children!

Water is essential for life and drinking enough of it is crucial, especially in the warm Middle East climate.

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