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Cooking healthy, light and tasty! Cooking healthy, light and tasty!

Cooking healthy, light and tasty!

Does healthy food leave a bland taste in your mouth?

Well, it shouldn't! Healthy food can be as tasty as any fat-packed meal. After all, food isn't just for existence, it's for enjoyment too. With a little culinary creativity, you can easily turn nutritious into delicious with an added bonus: more health benefits! 

Here are some healthy healthy cooking methods to enhance the deliciousness of your favourite meals while reducing calories and fat to make it more nutritious. And with your special touch, it'll have a flavour your family will love.

Cooking method Healthy cooking how-tos Benefits Extra tips
Stir-fry Use a wok to cook vegetables, chicken and seafood in a small amount of oil, stirring often. The amount of fat used is minimal: 10 times less than frying!And to further reduce the fat, you can always drain off the excess oil after stir-frying. This method allows you to put a variety of vegetables in the wok like onions, carrots, cabbage… this blend of ingredients is so tasty and its texture crunchy and yummy.
Roast Put a rack in the pan so the meat or chicken doesn’t sit in its own fat dripping. This method retains the taste of meat and chicken and has zero added fat! Instead of basting the meat with fat drippings, use fat-free liquid and add a variety of chopped vegetables for extra flavour plus more nutrition.
Grill Always try to use a rack so fat drips away from the food. With grilling, you don't add any extra oil, so you get less calories for better heart health. When you're grilling chicken, remove its skin before grilling over low heat. Make sure you don’t over grill though!
Oven cooking When oven cooking, use covered cookware with a little extra liquid in it; or cook the food in special oven bags. You can control the amount of oil and use a variety of ingredients. Aim for tomato-based sauces or lemon juice, herbs and spices that give you less calories, more nutrition and definitely more flavour.
Boil Cook the chicken or fish by immersing it in simmering liquid. Again no added fat is used here Make sure to use the boiled water to cook the side dish (vegetables, rice, etc.) in order to transfer its deliciously rich flavour to it.
Steam Steam vegetables in a basket over simmering water This is also a fat-free way of cooking which will help retain the vitamins and minerals. Cook the vegetables al dente and enjoy their crunchy texture.

Good to Remember:

Marinating meat or chicken in a variety of herbs and spices, plus vinegar or lemon juice helps tenderize it while adding flavour and colour. The marinade can also be used to taste the food while it is cooking.

Good to know: MAGGI stock cubes contain the right amount and mix of salt and spices which will enhance the flavour of your dishes!

As with any recipe, you can always put your personal touch to make healthy dishes suit your (and your family's) personal taste. Remember that it's easy to cook using little fat; and even possible to cook without it. Be imaginative, be creative with spices, herbs and aromatic vegetables! That way you'll have equal servings of nutrition and delectability.

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