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Amazing landscapes, scenic beaches, inspiring deserts, picturesque fields and cascading waterfalls fallen - Oman is a country that is truly beautiful. And so is its cuisine!

When warm hospitality and delicious cuisine combine, a culinary treat is inevitable. Rice with chicken or beef, marinated with special spices, like ‘qabuli with lamb meat’ or lamb biryani, djaj foug el eish. Similarly succulent dishes include chicken with homos and vegetables, makboos chicken muscat style, chicken qabuli al battena style and chicken arssiya. And that’s just the start of the journey to a wonderful and irresistible world of taste.

An Omani table will never be complete without seafood to create a spread that is truly rich in taste and nutrition. Fresh fish, shrimp and the very finest bounties of the sea are prepared to delightful perfection. What makes Omani cuisine deliciously distinctive is the way it borrows Asian tastes and flavors and incorporates them into typical Omani dishes to make it appealing and appetizing to every palate.

To enjoy an Omani meal is to taste the very essence of this beautiful country. It’s a healthy balance of vegetables, meat and rice, infused with mouthwatering aromas, delicious tastes and appealing presentation make it a cuisine that is unmatched in flavor and nutrition. Truly, the people of Oman and their guests are favored with food!


Omani Recipes

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