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Iraq is a country between two rivers, a place where civilizations were born – and where the aroma of history blends with traditional Iraqi flavors to offer you distinctly delicious dishes, rich in taste, aroma and delight. Iraqi cuisine is an essence of the rich heritage of the country, complemented by the culinary influences of its geographic neighbors: Iran, Syria and Turkey. Iraq is home to this smorgasbord of taste that combines the very best from each of these cultures to create a truly unique culinary experience.

Colors, flavors, shapes and sizes – Iraqi cuisine is a rich combination of all these things that make it delicious, tasty, and incomparably appetizing. Consider some of the core ingredients: coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron and mint. Add to this wheat, barley, rice and dates, you have the basics that will be found in any Iraqi kitchen. From kebbeh to kebabs, a truly traditional meal will be followed by a soup and then a main course of rice and meat – beef, fish or tashreeb chicken. Iraqi Biryani and Dolma or “samak masgouf”, the most famous traditional Iraqi dish are some of the other must-haves at the dinner table.

Lemon, mint, dill, parsley and coriander are key ingredients in many Iraqi dishes, and you’ll find them generously used to add that extra touch of taste to many of their dishes. While taste is important, nutrition is an essential factor in Iraqi food with vegetables like green bell pepper, tomatoes, zucchinis being common ingredients and usually accompanied by rice, meat and yogurt. And once a meal is complete, nothing washes it down better than strong, sugarless Arabic coffee or a suleimani (tea without milk). So remember these culinary tips the next time you sit down at an Iraqi table.


Iraqi Recipes

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