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Exercise - why it makes you feel so good Exercise - why it makes you feel so good

Exercise - why it makes you feel so good

Regular exercise has many benefits; increased fitness, a toned body and improved heart health. But besides these physical rewards, exercise also has other essential advantages - it keeps you feeling emotionally healthy, it uplifts your mood and helps reduce emotional stress. 

Enjoying physical activity will help you stick to your fitness programme on a regular basis until you are hooked to it. This in turn will make it difficult for you to stop exercising, usually resulting in a feeling of restlessness if you've skipped your physical activity.

So how exactly does exercise improve your emotional well-being?

  • Your body secretes natural opiates (Endorphins and Adrenalin) that get elevated in your blood when you reach the peak of your exercise routine. These hormones are responsible for feelings like happiness and contentment, and help fight feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • Physical activity contributes to high self-esteem especially when it starts to improve your body shape and helps you reach your desirable body weight. This benefit presents a strong drive and motivation to keep up with your efforts to exercise and reward your body.

And the best part is that you can achieve additional emotional benefits if you regularly increase the intensity and strength of your exercise with time.

Good to know

Exercising on a regular basis helps you become a better achiever on all levels, makes you more productive and efficient at work, and more active socially. 

Simple ideas to make physical activity a part of your daily life:

  • Walk around in shopping malls or outdoors (when the weather permits)
  • Take the initiative to move around in the office or at home and avoid sitting for long hours in front of the computer. This also helps you take a break from work and stress.
  • Carry your baby or light weight groceries when you're shopping
  • Perform some kind of exercise at home (get assistance from video and DVD demos which make exercise more interesting)
  • Become a member of a health club and take part in group activity classes which will motivate you to exercise and definitely help you de-stress
  • Pick your favorite sport and be consistent in practicing it
  • Take part in your children's daily fun activities

Stay active with these handy tips:

When following a new exercise programme, your body burns more calories. So make sure you follow a balanced diet that helps you meet your nutritional needs and support your active lifestyle.

Do not hesitate to consult a nutritionist, and seek advice from your gym instructor who can provide you with the right exercise routine that fits your body shape and needs in order to achieve your fitness goals.

And lastly, don't let feelings of tiredness and fatigue from a long day at work stand in the way of your daily exercise routine. Believe it or not, you will get your energy back as soon as you start your workout. What's more, once you begin exercising, the stress of your day will automatically evaporate and leave you feeling emotionally upbeat!

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