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Start your meal with... a healthy bowl of soup! Its richness in fluids helps hydrate your body cells and makes you feel fuller, so you eat smaller meal portions.

Are you one of many who like a certain dish and stick to it most of the time? Change your habit now and choose a different dish every day of the week! Incorporate meat one day, chicken the second, baked fish the next and legumes later, so on and so forth.

Fish! Have it 2 to 3 times per week for better health! Aim to serve it in several ways for different taste and more variety. How? Have it baked or served with rice, like sayadieh, at other times. And don’t forget your tuna sandwich or salad!

Red beans, white beans, chickpeas, lentils and fava beans – add them to your choice of meals twice a week. Why? Because these legumes are full of nutrients especially soluble fiber which helps lower blood cholesterol levels.

A balanced meal with the right split! For a balanced combination of nutrients, divide your dish into 3 parts: fill almost half of it with raw or cooked veggies, ¼ of it with meat, chicken or fish and the rest with carbs such as rice, pasta or potatoes.

Feeling hungry late in the afternoon? Have a healthy snack like a banana and low fat fruit yogurt or a bowl of plain popcorn and an apple! This snack will satisfy your hunger, provide you with essential nutrients and sustain you till dinner time so you won’t overeat.

No time for a proper meal at lunch? A healthy sandwich can also make you feel satisfied! Choose whole-grain bread, fill it with white cheese, turkey, chicken pieces or tuna and top it with a lot of vegetables. Easy and nutritious!

Going out to an Arabic restaurant? Choose healthily! Start out with your tabbouleh and fattoush topped with toasted bread. Have a bit of hummus and moutabel. Skip the fried fatayer, sambousak and French fries and have a moderate portion of grilled meats. To end it all, opt for fresh fruit instead of Arabic sweets.

Going out for a meal? Say no to the bread basket and fried food! Instead, start out with a healthy salad, have a medium portion of a baked main dish and share your dessert.

The next time you go to the supermarket, check the label on the products and choose low fat, low cholesterol, low sugar and low salt options for better health!

Choose leaner cuts of meat! Remove all the visible fat of red meat, and cook your chicken without the skin, for a healthier heart and body.

Can one food give you all the nutrients you need? It’s not possible! The only way to get all the essential nutrients is by choosing a variety of food from each food group every day.

Make half of your grains whole because the complete grain is rich in fiber, essential vitamins and minerals. So choose more whole grain bread and cereals, brown rice, brown pasta and burghul.

Have 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks every day! This means an organized daily diet, moderate food intake and healthy food choices.

Busy mom? Eat smart! In the evening, plan what you’ll eat the next day! Prepare your snacks in portions such as a whole-grain sandwich, fruits or fat-free fruit yogurt and put together a light and healthy lunch.

Are you stuck with the same kind of dishes every week? Plan a 4-week menu! You’ll ensure variety and an easy shopping list.

Is skipping lunch a good idea? No it isn’t! It can make you feel so hungry that you’ll be more prone to have unhealthy snacks by mid afternoon. And you’ll be missing out on lots of healthy nutrients too!

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