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Don’t have the time to exercise during your day? Lead an active lifestyle by walking around the office or in shopping malls, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or just by chasing your kids around the house.

Can't find even 30 minutes in your busy schedule to exercise? Just do two sessions of 15 minutes each. It will count as 30 minutes of activity in your day! Exactly what you need for good health!

If you have been previously inactive, start out slowly! From a 10 minute walk, move up gradually to 30-60 minutes of brisk walking – a gradual increase in duration and intensity!

A healthy pre-exercise snack: your fuel for a more energetic workout! 2-4 hours before your workout, have one of these as a snack: a banana, a cereal bar, a baked potato or a whole-wheat cheese sandwich. This will boost your performance and the fat-burning process.

Use your feet for stronger bones! Weight-bearing activities where your legs carry the weight of your body can make both your bones and muscles stronger. What are these activities? Walking, jogging, ball games, dancing and climbing stairs.

If you can, choose jogging over walking! Although the percentage of fat you burn is more while walking, you burn more overall calories and fat with higher intensity exercises like jogging!

Reduce body fat and tone your muscles by adding weight training to your exercise routine! Remember that each kilogram of muscle helps you burn an extra 50 calories a day while resting!

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