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7 tips for healthy eating 7 tips for healthy eating

7 tips for healthy eating

All we hear about these days is related to healthy nutrition! And being the caretaker of your family, you are the key to their nutrition and health, especially when you serve them your delicious variety of foods and meals.

1.Offer your family a variety of foods to ensure a balanced and healthy diet. What they eat now impacts their long-term health.

2.Find your balance between food intake and physical activity 

3.Choose a diet rich in grain products, vegetables and fruits, and moderate in meats, dairy products, sugars and fats.

4.Choose types of food that are low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol to protect your family from diseases and ensure their good health.

5.Help your family follow a diet moderate in salt and sodium to maintain a healthy blood pressure and protect their heart.

6.Choose a diet with moderate sugar content. You can always get sugar from natural foods like fruits.

7.Ensure adequate water intake. On average, you need 8 glasses of water daily, and you will need more when the weather is hot.

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