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Breakfast means health and vitality Breakfast means health and vitality

Breakfast means health and vitality

You’ve probably heard it a lot when growing up, read about it in health articles and been advised on its importance by dieticians – “breakfast is the most important meal of your day!”

It’s not a myth or an old wives’ tale. In fact nutrition experts around the world recommend a healthy balanced breakfast, everyday! Why? Because it provides your body with the energy and nutrients you need to get a fresh morning start and prepare for a day full of activities.

Why is it so essential and how does breakfast really help you? Actually, the benefits of breakfast are multiple, because it:

Restores the level of sugar in the body: Breakfast is an important meal taken in the morning after an overnight fast: its major role is to balance sugar levels in your body after they have gone down during the night.

Boosts the body’s metabolism: Eating a small meal makes digestion easy and efficient, and prompts your body to burn calories more effectively.

Provides energy for the body: A breakfast that’s rich in slowly digestible carbohydrates will give your body sustainable energy and vitality, especially during a day full of activities.

Controls the appetite: Breakfast helps in regulating appetite, and controlling the right quantity and quality of food you eat during the day.

Promotes mental performance: In addition to enhancing physical activity, the morning meal helps promote mental activity, which leads to concentration and better performance for you and your family. Not to forget its important role in positively influencing the performance of children at school and increasing learning abilities!

Helps meet nutritional needs: Having a balanced breakfast helps cover nutritional needs from proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Brings the family together: One benefit of breakfast is that it gathers all your family together every morning, even if for a few minutes, and enhances family bonds.

To be nutritious, breakfast should be varied and include a source of whole grains that provides energy, a source of dairy product that provides calcium and proteins and a serving of fruits and/or vegetables that gives vitamins, minerals and fiber.

So, if you’re planning on helping your family stay healthy, smart and active all day long, the best thing to do is ensure that they have a nutritious morning meal, packed with goodness and strength.

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