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Why Calcium is a key ingredient for healthy bones? Why Calcium is a key ingredient for healthy bones?

Why Calcium is a key ingredient for healthy bones?

Calcium! Its major role is building and maintaining strong healthy bones. For women in particular, this is of great importance as they can be affected by osteoporosis and loss of bone mass later in life. The higher incidence of osteoporosis in women is due to their hormones which play an important role in bone formation and maintenance of their bone mass, especially during menopause. 

Good to know:

The quantity of calcium stored by the body during adolescence and early adulthood is important for women to compensate for bone loss at a later stage. Building healthy bones during adolescence reduces the risk of osteoporosis by 10-30%!!

Calcium is essential at every age

Consuming enough calcium-rich foods is important during all stages of a woman’s life. During Adolescence, the body stores large amounts of calcium and the absorption of this mineral is very efficient in order to reach peak bone mass. This is why calcium intake should be sufficient to meet the high needs of the woman and to ensure good bone health and strength in the future.
Women achieve peak bone mass during Early Adulthood, and from then on the process of bone formation slows down and bones need to be maintained to prevent losing bone mass in later years. From around the age of 25 onwards, women should ensure they consume enough calcium-rich foods in their diet, as this will help to maintain adequate bone mass and keep their skeleton healthy.

What does the Dietician advise?
“In addition to consuming a calcium-rich diet, women can help to keep their bones healthy by adopting a healthy lifestyle that combines both a balanced diet and regular physical activity.”
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