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Get a head start for an energetic day with cereals! Get a head start for an energetic day with cereals!

Get a head start for an energetic day with cereals!

The benefits of breakfast 

Delicious, crunchy… and packed with nutrition, breakfast cereals are a healthy morning choice and a great way to start the day. A favourite choice for kids, breakfast cereals are also great for adults and a real fun way to boost your energy levels in the morning!

In fact, research confirms that people who have cereals for breakfast are more likely to meet nutritional requirements for vitamins, minerals and fiber.

As “the most important meal of the day”, breakfast is literally when you break your fast after an average of 12 hours since your last meal. It is the source of energy that is needed to boost your metabolism and get it running for the rest of the day.

Cereals and milk are an excellent choice for breakfast – a quick and easy meal that requires a bowl, a spoon and just 5 minutes to prepare. It’s the perfect solution for your hurried schedule. More importantly, this bowl is packed with much more benefits than you might expect.

Listed below are the nutritional benefits of your milk and cereals. And with such a wide variety available, we’ve put together a few helpful hints for a healthier choice and a tastier start to your day.

  Breakfast Cereal Low fat glass of milk Tips on what to choose
An excellent provider of energy! Breakfast cereals can contain several grain sources ranging from wheat and oat to barley and corn. These complex carbohydrates are exactly what your body needs to refill on energy after a long sleep. Low fat or skimmed milk gives you all the goodness of milk and is lower in calories Just make sure that when you choose your breakfast cereal, it is from the whole grain family which supplies your body with energy in a slow sustainable manner to keep you going the whole morning.
High quality protein Grains provide proteins that contribute to your daily balanced diet Milk is an excellent source of high quality nutritious protein that is the main building blocks of your body cells! Protein quality and quantity is the same if you choose low fat or zero fat milk.

Taking away fat from milk removes calories but not nutrition!
Generally low in fat Breakfast cereals are naturally low in fat. The low fat content is from grain sources (unsaturated fat) and thus healthy for the body Having low fat or skimmed milk will reduce the fat in your bowl of breakfast cereals and milk A good choice of milk is low fat or skimmed. Low fat milk contains around 3 times less fat than full cream milk.  Skimmed milk contains almost no fat!

KLIM® Low Fat milk contains only 3.8g fat in 1 glass.
More fiber for better health! Whole grain breakfast cereals are high in fiber which is essential for a healthy digestive system. It also helps you feel full for longer! Milk normally doesn’t contain fiber Nestlé® cereals are made with whole grains to be a good source of healthy fiber and thus gives you a head start on your fiber requirement for the day.
Excellent source of calcium for bone health Some breakfast cereals are fortified with calcium The daily requirement for calcium is 1000mg/day, and with about 300mg from your milk, you’ll easily meet your needs for this mineral KLIM® Low Fat milk is enriched with calcium to provide 300mg calcium in 1 glass.
A bowl of fortification Some breakfast cereals are fortified with a large array of vitamins and minerals that help you meet your needs for these essential nutrients: especially Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, E, C, B Vitamins and Folic acid Milk is especially rich in Vitamins A and D A 30g serving of Nestlé® cereals is a source of B-vitamins, Iron and Calcium.

Good to know: For extra goodness, top your milk and cereal with fresh or dried fruit, nuts or even a combination of these. This way you can increase your fiber, vitamin and mineral intake.

So next time you decide to enjoy a meal in the morning, make an excellent choice and go for a bowl of breakfast cereal. Just ensure it’s a high fiber cereal with low fat milk for more nutritional benefits from your early morning energy boost.

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