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We know that as a mother you strive to give your child only the best. And now that he has turned one year old, you want to know more about his nutrition and how you can make the right choices every day in order to help him grow as healthily as possible

Milk plays a crucial role in your child's diet, even after he turns one. Milk not only gives your child the right amount of calcium for strong bones, but it also enhances his growth. That's because milk is rich in energy, protein, vitamins and minerals. So choose the specialised milk that's just right for your child's age. Unlike regular cow's milk, these specialised milks are fortified with the essential nutrients for each stage of growth.

The right milk for your child during these important years:

During these years, your child will become more independent. He may start to reject many kinds of food he previously ate and refuse to try new ones. As a result, the amount and quality of food he eats may not meet his daily nutritional requirements - leaving him short of what he needs for growth, development and immunity.

Fortified milk helps provide your child with the essential nutrients his body needs to be active and to grow. Specialised milk formulated for the needs of children one year old and above assures healthy growth. That's because it includes the right key nutrients, vitamins and minerals, in the right amounts, for this age of development and growth.

Specialised milk contains all the following nutrients that experts consider crucial:

1. Essential vitamins and minerals

Iron: Necessary for healthy physical and mental growth
Calcium: Needed for bone growth and development
Vitamin D:  For better calcium absorption and deposition in the bones

2. Protein

It is true that protein is important for your child's development, but at the same time, too much can negatively affect the kidneys and put him at risk of obesity in the future. That's why specialised milk contains the right amount of high-quality protein.

3. Essential Fatty Acids - EFAs (linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid)

EFAs in the diet are essential, since the body cannot produce them.
They play a central role in building brain cells and the nervous system, as well as in overall physical and mental growth.

In addition to the nutrients mentioned above, growing-up milk may contain other elements to boost your child's immunity and protect his health.

Since milk is such an important part of your child's diet, specialised milk is a necessity not a luxury. So after your child turns one year old, make sure you provide him with specialised milk. This is a great way for you to know that your child is getting all the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients he needs. As well, specialised milk provides this in a way that's just right for his growing body's needs at each stage of development.

(This article is developed by the NIDO® Child Development Expert Panel)

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