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How to tidy your fridge? How to tidy your fridge?

How to tidy your fridge?

When hunger strikes, the first place everyone heads to is the fridge! From delicious home-cooked food, to fresh fruits and vegetables, your fridge preserves the food in your home.

You may think that simply placing eatables in your refrigerator is enough, but the fact is that food should be stored in a proper way in order to retain its quality and freshness. So what should you do to ensure that the most important appliance in your kitchen is kept tidy and clean? You could start by storing things according to the temperatures inside your fridge.

Main fridge area Fridge door
8°C-upper shelf
Store eggs and dairy products. In addition to meat, tuna, chicken or cheese sandwiches and cakes


5°C- middle shelf
Store leftovers (cooked food) and products marked “refrigerate when opened”.

Tip: Put leftovers in clean, shallow and covered containers in order to prevent loss of moisture and flavor.
10 – 15°C
Store soft drinks, juices, mustard, ketchup, sauces and butter
2°C- lower shelf
Store fresh meat, chicken and fish
10°C - vegetable drawer
Store Fruits and Vegetables

Here a few other good fridge practices to keep in mind: 

  • Your refrigerator temperature should be set at 5°C which is equivalent to 40°F. During hot weather conditions, the temperature dial should be adjusted at a colder setting. Check the temperature periodically, to ensure that the correct temperature is set.
  • Try to not overload your fridge with food. Allow room for cool air to circulate and keep foods at the correct temperature.
  • Make sure to close the fridge door tightly every time you open it. Open the doors only when necessary and close them as soon as possible.
  • Practice the ‘FIRST IN – FIRST OUT’ rule by placing recently purchased items behind the items that are already there. This way you’ll be consuming food prior to the expiration date and before they spoil. You also reduce the amount of food that has to be discarded. Another thing to remember is, if you have doubts about any food, throw it out.
  • At least once every 2 weeks, remove everything from your fridge and wash, clean and remove spoiled foods. Wipe all shelves, drawers and interiors as they accumulate grime. Remember to work quickly though to avoid keeping the fridge open for too long.

Keeping a tidy, clean fridge by following these tips is a guarantee that everything that goes in will stay good, fresh and safe for future consumption.

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