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Milk is the best source of Calcium, see for yourself! Milk is the best source of Calcium, see for yourself!

Milk is the best source of Calcium, see for yourself!

You always hear about the importance of calcium for your health and the importance of having enough calcium in your diet for the maintenance of strong and healthy bones. Nutrition specialists worldwide have reached a consensus that adult women need 1000 mg of calcium daily

Did you ever wonder if your diet provides you with this amount?

You can obtain different amounts of calcium from some vegetables like spinach and okra which are highly nutritious, but which may not provide you with enough calcium because of its low absorption in the body.

Did you know that the amount of calcium absorbed from these greens does not exceed 10% of its calcium content?

Dairy products are rich sources of calcium, but sometimes you may need large quantities to meet your daily calcium needs, so be aware that some dairy products are high in fat and calories.

Take a look at another example: 120g of almonds contain as much calcium as one glass of milk, but have 660 calories! In spite of containing calcium, be mindful of the quantity you consume, since it can cause an unwanted increase in weight!

Milk remains the richest source of calcium, not only because it provides more calcium per serving than any food, but also because it contains other nutrients like lactose and vitamin D which increase calcium absorption. This makes milk superior to other food sources.

Good to know:

Nestlé KLIM® Low Fat is not only enriched with calcium to provide women (aged 19-50) with 100% of their daily calcium requirements in just 2 glasses every day, but also comes with Calcilock™, a unique combination of nutrients that helps absorb and lock the calcium into the bones. So what would you choose?

Food item Serving Calcium content in 1 serving Calories in 1 serving
Spinach (sabanegh) 1 cup cooked 245 mg (low calcium absorption) 41 Kcal
Okra (bamiah) 1 cup cooked 100 mg (low calcium absorption) 51 Kcal
Almonds (Loz) 30 g (24 almonds) 70 mg 165 Kcal
Labneh 2 tbsp 60 mg 60 Kcal
Laban Zabadi 1 cup 270 mg 140 Kcal
Cheese - yellow 30 g (2 slices) 200 - 220 mg 110 - 140 Kcal
Cheese - White 30 g (2 slices) 130 - 150 mg 70 - 80 Kcal
Full Cream Milk 1 glass 290 mg 150 Kcal
Low Fat Milk 1 glass 295 mg 120 Kcal
Nestlé KLIM®Low Fat 1 glass 502 mg 120 Kcal

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