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Are you Offering Your Child Enough Water? Are you Offering Your Child Enough Water?

Are you Offering Your Child Enough Water?

Water is the most important element of the body; it is the essence of life. Without it, body cells will not survive and organs will not function properly. As in the case of dehydration, the body organs such as the kidney and brain will not work properly.

The body excretes water through a number of channels like breathing, sweating, the digestive system, and the kidneys that eliminate excess water through urine.

How much water does your child need to drink daily?

Children need to drink about 50-60 ml per kg body weight. For example, if your child weighs 25 kg, then he will need 1½ litre of fluids daily. And this needs to be increased in certain cases like excessive sweating following exercise or in hot weather during the summer. In such cases, it is crucial to offer your child more water and fluid.

*In case of certain illnesses, like diarrhea, your child's needs for fluids are increased because his body is losing a lot of water and minerals. In this case, it is essential to give him fluids that are fortified with minerals, a special formula that prevents dehydration.

Good to know

Did you know that 60-70% of your child's body consists of water after two years of age? And this percentage is even higher in the first few months of life and reaches 75%. This in itself shows that water is essential in a person's life.

It's good to remember that water is essential in your child's daily life as it helps maintain his physical and mental performance. Hence you should make sure that your child drinks enough water during the course of the day to rehydrate, and increase his water intake when he performs physical activity and during the hot summer months.

(This article is developed by the NIDO® Child Development Expert Panel)


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