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Pregnancy month five: Have your eight glasses of water Pregnancy month five: Have your eight glasses of water

Pregnancy month five: Have your eight glasses of water

The second trimester of pregnancy usually is the most exciting period, since you will see your pregnancy progressing and notice your baby clearly growing in size. This is also a time when you feel more energetic and active, and can do things easily, especially since you are not yet in your last trimester, when you may be feeling a bit heavy. Here are a few ideas on what you should know and expect. 

How many kilograms am I supposed to gain this month?

During the first 4 first months, your average weight gain should have been between 3 and 4 kg. You can also expect a 1½ to 2 kg weight gain at the end of your fifth month. 

I feel that I am bloated and my body is swollen, what should I do?

At this stage, your body may start to feel slightly bloated due to water retention.  One of the important factors contributing to this is eating too much salty food. So what you need to do is gradually reduce the quantity of salt you use when cooking, and avoid foods high in salt such as chips, salted nuts, canned food, pickles, olives and processed and cured meats.

In addition, drink water regularly, your 8 glasses plus other fluids in your diet like fresh juices (in moderation) and soups. When you drink your recommended amount, you’ll retain less water and are therefore less likely to feel bloated. 

My doctor prescribed some calcium supplements, do I really need them?

Your doctor knows best! If your doctor feels that you are not meeting your calcium needs, then you will be advised to take them. Calcium requirements increase during pregnancy (4 servings a day), so you need to drink 2 glasses of milk and 2 more servings of dairy products (laban/yogurt or cheese) in order to meet both your needs and your baby’s needs! Keep in mind that milk and dairy have the highest absorption of calcium, so let them be your first choice. Other sources of calcium include sardines, almonds, green leafy vegetables such as spinach and some beans. 

How do I know if my cravings are real?

The best thing to do is satisfy your craving when it comes to some types of food, because this may mean that your body really needs it. For example, wanting to eat red meat or spinach may indicate a low level of iron in your body.  But if you are craving sweets and salty snacks, give into it only some of the time. At other times choose healthier options.

This is a wonderful time for you. You are halfway through your pregnancy and you may start feeling your baby’s kicks as butterfly flutters! Make the most of this special time in your life.

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