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Snacks - weight gain or weight loss? Snacks - weight gain or weight loss?

Snacks - weight gain or weight loss?

People talk about snacking as being generally bad for you and can make you gain weight, what you hear sometimes is not completely true. Snacking is not as bad as few believe it to be but at the same time it also depends on the type of foods you snack on

When you do not snack…

Some people are satisfied to eat one to two meals a day and still maintain their weight. But they will realize with time that their metabolism is slowing down and they’re accumulating more fat than in previous years. The reason is that they are burning fewer calories. Also, when someone eats fewer meals when they get hungry, they tend to eat more, and this can cause weight gain.

Why snacking can be good for you…

Healthy snacking for example 2 hours before your main meal prevents you from overeating on main meals as it also stops you from getting too hungry.

What do experts recommend?

Eating frequent smaller healthy meals or snacks will boost your metabolism and make you burn more calories and will help you lose weight or maintain your healthy weight.

Avoid unhealthy snack…

High-fat, high-sugar snacks have low nutritional value and loads of calories which will make you gain weight. Sometimes they may replace your main meal as they make you feel full which is not recommended in a balance diet. Avoid eating foods such as chips, cakes, sweetened juices, carbonated beverages, and regular ice creams as regular snacks, instead keep them as treats to consume from time to time.

Keep healthy snacks handy!

When you are hungry, eat a healthy snack that you already planned and prepared for. Keep healthy snacks readily available in your fridge; store washed and chopped vegetables and fruits, light fruit-flavoured yogurts, and low-fat portioned cheese…

And other snack ideas:

  • A sandwich made with brown bread and low-fat cheese, or low fat labneh
  • Fresh fruit salad or platter
  • Low-fat or fat-free yogurt with fruits
  • Low-fat or fat-free milk with whole-wheat cereals
  • Sorbet or low-fat, low sugar ice cream
  • Fat-free popcorn or baked chips
  • Fat-free puddings or jello
  • A handful of almonds or walnuts
  • Dried fruits such as dates and apricots (3-4 pieces each)
  • Instant soup (low in calories and fat)
  • Small amount of chocolate wafers

Good to know:

Light delicious snacks from NESTLE…

  • NESTLE KITKAT 2 fingers contain only 90 calories.
  • NESTLE WAFER has only 91 calories.

Good to Remember: If you are the kind that likes to have juices, choose fresh juices with no added sugar in moderation. Let healthy snacks be a part of your daily diet plan keeping in mind that your food intake should balance your activity level.

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