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Stay on diet with a sip of coffee Stay on diet with a sip of coffee

Stay on diet with a sip of coffee

Going on a diet to lose a few pounds can be quite a difficult deal, especially when you have to give up on things you really enjoy doing. But striking the right balance between pleasure and indulgence is absolutely essential to replenish your senses and satiate your desires while staying within your diet plan!

Only two calories per cup!

Indulging in a cup of Coffee is certainly one of those irresistible pleasures. It helps you kick start your day and keeps you up and running until your next meal, especially when you’re dieting – all in less than 2 calories per cup of Soluble Coffee!

However, it’s what you add to your Soluble Coffee that could increase the fat and sugar content and add on the calories. If you’re having one of those sophisticated drinks at a trendy coffee shop – typically loaded with sugar, syrup and fat to add up to a whopping 500 calories, a big influence on your daily calorie count! Simply adding cream to your coffee, for example, adds between 110-140 calories and 9-13 grams of fat.

Good to know:

A Coffee Drink that gives you an average of 100 calories or less per 1 cup can easily fit into your diet plan!

Find out how with the simple table below that has detailed information on the different types of coffee and the calories it contains and control your consumption by choosing what exactly to drink:

Coffee Drink Size Calories Remarks
Coffee drinks in Coffee Shops and Restaurants
Caramel frappucino with whipped cream Medium (size 480 ml) 430 Usually contains 25mg of caramel syrup = 5 tsp of sugar
White chocolate mocha frappucino 48 410 Contains 55 grams of sugar > 200 calories from sugar. In addition to 25mg of fat.
Cafe latte with low fat milk 360 ml 150 Kcal To reduce calories in your coffee at coffee shops ask for skimmed milk and skip the cream and flavored syrup. Have only one sachet of sugar or artificial sweetener from time to time.
When going out with friends or family to coffee shops, you don’t have to deprive yourself from a stimulating cup of coffee; all you have to do is control your ingredients to best fit your healthy diet plan.
Coffee prepared with milk
NESCAFE® instant Soluble Coffee with NESVITA ® Pro-Bones low fat milk 250ml 120 Has all the benefits of milk and calcium with moderate calories. If you don’t want the added calories that come with sugar, you can use sweetener from time to time.
NESCAFE® instant Soluble Coffee with NESVITA ® Pro-Digestion fat free milk 250ml 77 All the benefits of coffee and milk with zero fat! If you add 1 tsp of sugar, you just add up 20 calories.
These milk and coffee choices give you both the healthy nutrients for your body and a tasty indulgence that fits into your healthy breakfast
Pre-mixed Instant Soluble Coffee (Single serve stick: just add water to get a great cup of Coffee)
NESCAFE® Cappuccino 150ml 60 Get a delightful drink with only 60 calories
NESCAFE® My Cup (3 in 1 mix of Coffee, creamer and sugar) 180ml 90 A tasty coffee mix that comes with sugar and creamer, making it easier to prepare and more delightful to enjoy
NESCAFE® Latte 150ml 90 A delicious combination of Coffee, milk and sugar
NESCAFE® 3 in 1 with Ginger & Honey 150ml 93 A soothing and comforting coffee drink with all the delicious taste
The Nescafe pre-mix range gives you an easy and convenient way to prepare your coffee! The great thing is that you can read the information on the label and can fit it in your nutrition plan
Coffee prepared with Creamer
NESCAFE® instant soluble coffee with COFFEMATE® (made with 2 spoons of COFFEMATE + 2 tsp sugar) 150ml 73 Delicious coffee drink with creamer. You can control the amount of sugar: if you remove 1 teaspoon, subtract 20 calories
NESCAFE® instant soluble coffee with COFFEMATE® Light (made with 2 spoons of COFFEMATE + sweetener) 150ml 26 Low calorie count with less than 1gm of fat in a cup!
When indulging in this cup of coffee, you can control the ingredients you use to suit your taste as well as the calories you consume, while still getting the caffeine kick you desire.

Your diet involves everything you do. This includes savoring the things you enjoy and balancing your food with physical activity, while controlling what you eat and drink. So when it comes to coffee just remember, with a little discretion you can indulge your caffeine craving taste buds everyday.

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