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Five-a-day of fruits and vegetables for a healthy body! Make them part of your daily plan in salads, soups, main courses, snacks and sandwich fillings.

Color your plate like a rainbow! The more you vary the colors of the vegetables and fruits you choose, the more vitamins and minerals you’ll have! Choose an array from red tomatoes and grapes to oranges, carrots and apricots to green lettuce and apples!

Snack on fruits or vegetables every day! They are relatively low in calories, and contain plenty of fiber to help you feel full and stave off hunger till your next meal.

Frozen fruits and vegetables: buy or not to buy? No need to think twice. Put them in your shopping trolley and rest assured that they retain their nutritional value upon freezing. A great advantage if you want to enjoy them when they are out of season.

Want more benefits from your salad? Wash and chop the veggies just before you eat them in order not to lose out on the vitamins!

Fruits! How much? Aim to have 2-3 pieces a day for good health! And when they are different in kind and color, you’ll benefit from more vitamins and minerals!

Fruit juice or whole fruit? Go for the whole fruit more often! Although rich in vitamins, fruit juices lack the healthy fiber found in whole fruit. Juices are also a source of concentrated sugar and can add unnecessary calories to your diet. The recommendation: be moderate in drinking them!

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