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What to drink for healthy skin? Have at least 8 glasses of water in addition to other fluids such as hot drinks and fresh juices (in moderation). Adequate fluids in the body aid blood circulation, help eliminate toxins and gives your skin a healthy appeal.

What to eat for healthy skin? Have fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in vitamins A and C, such as carrots, mangoes, melons, oranges, kiwis, broccoli and green pepper. These vitamins act as antioxidants that help protect body and skin cells from harmful damage and premature aging.

Salmon for lunch? A great choice for healthy moisturized skin! The omega-3 fats in salmon help nourish your skin and prevent dryness.

What you eat also improves your hair health! Meat, chicken, eggs, seafood and legumes are a great source of high-quality proteins that help promote hair growth. Additionally, they are rich in hair-healthy nutrients such as zinc, iron, vitamin B12 and biotin!

3 things to avoid for healthy skin! Excessive sun exposure can damage your skin, stress makes it look dull, and smoking causes skin dryness and pallor!

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