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Are you in for a high-intensity fitness routine? Drink coffee one hour before you exercise! Caffeine in coffee plays a role in enhancing your physical performance as well as reducing post-workout muscle pain and feelings of fatigue during the last minutes of the workout.

Do you prefer to have coffee before or after breakfast? Have them together! They complement each other to provide your mind and body with a stimulating boost of energy for the day!

Feeling sleepy in the afternoon? Sip your cup of coffee! The caffeine in coffee helps restore and maintain alertness – improving your performance and enhancing your mood!

Feeling the start of a migraine headache? A cup of coffee can help! Caffeine in coffee helps counter the painful effects of blood vessel dilation, the main cause of a headache.

Zero calories in every cup of soluble coffee! The fact is what you add to your coffee is what adds calories. To keep it light, put less sugar and use low-fat milk or creamer.

A coffee drinker? Coffee can contribute significantly to your daily total antioxidant intake! Antioxidants can help protect against cell damage and contribute to overall health and well being.

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