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Say Cheese! It’s a great source of calcium for healthy bones and high-quality proteins essential for cell formation and maintenance. Go for the healthier choice: low-fat white cheeses!

Vitamin D from sun exposure: is it sufficient? Most probably not, since vitamin D formation in the skin is most efficient in summer and midday, when we tend to stay indoors. Your guaranteed source? Vitamin D-fortified milk.

What dairy products are healthier for you? The low-fat varieties! They contain all the essential nutrients of full-fat dairy with the exception of saturated fats which are unhealthy for your heart and arteries.They are also lower in calories which helps you maintain a healthy body weight 

Boost your calcium intake: cook with milk or yogurt! Some ideas? Lasagna, sheesh barak, kibbeh with yogurt, spaghetti with béchamel sauce and vegetable gratin! These will help you meet your calcium requirements for healthier stronger bones!

Three-a-day every day for healthy bones! This means 3 servings of milk or dairy products. Each serving is equivalent to 1 glass of milk, or 1 glass of yogurt or an average of 3-4 slices of cheese.

Why milk? Simply because it’s the richest source of calcium! But that's not all, calcium is better absorbed from milk as compared to non-dairy sources.

Dairy is an important part of your daily meals! Include milk or dairy products in 3 of your 5 daily healthy meals and snacks.. Why? In order to cover your requirements for calcium, this important bone building nutrient.

3 things to remember for healthy bones! Calcium, Vitamin D and regular exercise help you get strong bones now and prevent osteoporosis later in life.

Build the habit of drinking milk early. This is because kids accumulate bone mass mainly in their childhood and teen years. And the more bone mass they have, the healthier their skeletons will be – now and in the future.

3 habits that weaken your bones: Smoking, inactivity and an unbalanced diet! These can contribute to decreasing bone mass which in turn leads to osteoporosis. Instead, lead a healthy lifestyle by being active every day and consuming a balanced vitamin- and mineral-rich diet. (Nestlé Tip on World Osteoporosis Day)

Want tastier milk? Blend your favorite fruit and a teaspoon of honey with your cold glass of milk. Like it warm? Try out a mocha drink by adding a teaspoon of NESCAFE® and cocoa powder. Simply delicious!

Lock calcium in your bones for more strength! You need calcium and other nutrients like vitamins D and C, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and proteins to help you deposit calcium in your bones. Get them through a balanced, varied diet or simply through milk fortified with these nutrients!

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