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A burger fan? Make your burger lighter and healthier! Just substitute the white bun with a brown one. Make your patty lean and grill it without added fat. Skip the mayo and fries, and add a salad instead!

No need to add extra salt if you’re using a stock cube in your cooking. This is because it provides you with the right amount of salt and spices to enhance the flavor of your recipe. Yummy!

Too busy to cook every day? Cook several dishes during the weekend for the week ahead. Put them in your freezer and warm up a different dish every day!

Choose healthier fat in your cooking! Instead of ghee, butter or margarine, use moderate amounts of healthy vegetable oils such as canola or olive oil!

For a juicy flavorful taste, marinate your meat or chicken the healthy way! How? In a variety of herbs and spices, plus vinegar or lemon juice! This helps tenderize it while adding flavor and color.

Baking, boiling and steaming. And steaming means healthier dishes.

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