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Say yes to a good appetite and no to overeating! Encourage your child to eat his home-prepared meal for lunch. But don’t serve him large quantities and force him to have it all. Instead, listen to him when he tells you he’s full, and discourage overeating.

Keep your kids active every day! This is good not only for muscle strength but also for bone growth! Being active is crucial for kids as they are building their bone mass for a healthier future.

Encourage your child to choose his favorite sports! Introduce your child to a variety of sports such as football, tennis, swimming or gymnastics, and allow him to choose the one he likes best. This way he’ll be more enthusiastic to participate while being physically active.

Build healthy habits from childhood! Persist in serving your child a variety of healthy foods every day to ensure he gets all the essential nutrients for his growing body. This will also help him build healthy eating habits early on. Remember you are his role model, so if you eat healthy and varied food, this is what he’ll do too.

Why choose fortified milk for your child? Because it is enriched with essential nutrients your child needs, that are not found in normal milk. Especially iron that helps in normal mental development, vitamin C that strengthens the body’s defenses and vitamin D that helps in calcium absorption and is essential for strong bones.

Avoid sweets and desserts as a reward for your child! This will make these treats his sole target and he’ll tend to overeat them. Instead, offer moderate amounts from time to time.

Involve your child in preparing his own healthy and fun lunch box! Remember to add in variety: from labneh or cheese sandwiches, fresh cut vegetables and fruits to slightly salted crackers.

Boost your child’s intake of iron with fortified foods such as specialized milk and breakfast cereals. Why iron? Because it plays an important role in your child’s mental and physical performance!

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