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Want to freeze your fresh vegetables? Blanch them first to retain their quality and crispiness! How? Wash, cut, and immerse them in boiling water for a few minutes. Then chill them in ice-cold water, drain, pack and freeze.

Leftovers from the meal you cooked? Store it promptly in your fridge and consume it within 2 days! When you reheat your cooked dish, make sure it’s piping hot and not just warmed up, so the bacteria are destroyed and the food is safe to eat!

Going out for a picnic? Safe-pack your food to avoid spoilage! Keep your raw meat and chicken in a separate cooler away from the drinks to avoid losing the coolness from repeated opening.

Soap should always be near your kitchen sink! Washing your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap before you prepare or serve food will eliminate hundreds of bacteria from your skin! And this will help protect you and your family from food-borne illnesses.

Love shopping for food? Make sure you pick up packaged and canned foods first and perishable foods last, such as milk and dairy products, raw meat, chicken and fish. Because these spoil easily if left too long outside the refrigerator. And when you get home, store the perishables first!

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