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This depends upon the degree of lactose intolerance: Some children may be able to tolerate 1 glass of milk in addition to dairy products while some others tolerate only dairy and not the milk. So it’s recommended to reduce the amount of lactose in the child’s diet depending upon his level of tolerance, knowing that lactose is mainly found in milk and milk products such as ice cream and pudding and to a lesser extent in cheese, yogurt/laban and labneh.

What is important here is that "is the child getting enough calcium through his diet?", since milk is considered the richest source of calcium and contributes significantly to children’s daily calcium needs. So even if the child has a mild degree of lactose intolerance, there are some ways to make milk better tolerated in his diet, such as serving milk with other foods, offering him little amounts throughout the day or encouraging him to drink milk flavored with cocoa powder.

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