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Pregnant? Is it okay to eat sushi, soft cheese or half-cooked steak? No! Avoid raw or under-cooked meat, meat organs, fish, seafood, half-cooked eggs and unpasteurized cheeses such as brie or feta – as these may contain harmful bacteria.

Feeling queasy in the morning during your first few months of pregnancy? Eat some crackers, kaak or toast before you get out of bed and remember to have 6 small and easy-to-digest meals instead of your regular 3 big ones

Drink a glass of water every time you breastfeed your baby! Water and other fluids such as soups, milk and fresh juices facilitate milk production and compensate for the loss of fluids from your body.

Eating for two during pregnancy? Not quite! It’s more a matter of quality than quantity. So you need to have more variety and healthier options! As for quantity, the average increase in calories needed during pregnancy should not exceed 300 calories per day, and that is only after your third month!

Folic acid: essential for your baby’s normal development! Consult your doctor about taking folic acid supplements when you are planning to get pregnant or during your first month. Remember also that a good mix of green leafy vegetables, legumes and whole-grains will also boost your intake.

A healthy, balanced, well-rounded diet when you’re breastfeeding! Why? Because you need all the essential nutrients for milk production. So don’t be tempted to go on a low calorie diet as it can negatively affect your milk supply and your health.

Pregnant? How much weight can you gain? It ranges between 8 and 16 kilograms depending on your pre-pregnancy weight. The average is 12 kilograms throughout your 9 months!

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