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Welcome to Kuwait. Getting the first taste of this country's indulgent cuisine will be as simple as saying yes to the warm invitations to share a meal. One of the most enjoyable activities that Kuwaitis indulge in is a sumptuous meal with family and friends. Being invited to lunch or dinner is more than just an opportunity to sample the unique tastes of a rich culinary heritage. . It is an open invitation to meet, mingle and enjoy unforgettable experiences around an unparalleled spread showcasing the finest of Kuwaiti dishes.

On any Kuwaiti menu, you will find a collection of delicious dishes, each one unique in taste, flavour and aroma. And chances are that many of irresistible servings will be prepared according to the most popular style of cooking, the 'tabeekh'. Its mouth-watering taste is simply irresistible, especially with a menu that typically includes rice with lentils, Kuwaiti chicken biryani, potatoes and rice kebbeh. Add to this stuffed zucchinis with chicken wings and a selection of nutritious vegetables and you'll have a menu that is as healthy as it is appealing.



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