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Got a tastier milk? Got a tastier milk?

Got a tastier milk?

There’s so much you can do to promote bone health including taking care of your nutrition. This includes consuming a diet rich in bone-building nutrients, especially calcium. But did you know that most people don’t consume the recommended levels of calcium (1000 mg/day)?

Yet meeting this need is as easy as having three servings of milk or dairy products a day (as part of a varied and balanced diet, of course); with one serving equivalent to a glass of milk or yogurt, or about 50 mg of cheese.

And speaking of milk, it’s still the most adequate calcium source. While calcium can be obtained from many food sources, milk is widely available and its calcium content is the most efficiently absorbed.

But what if you don’t like milk?

No problem. Changing milk’s taste to suit you is as easy as making a glass of it.

Relax with flavourful, soothing milk drinks:

  • Chocomilk: milk, cocoa powder
  • Milk with tea
  • Vanilla milk: milk, vanilla and a teaspoon of honey
  • Chamomile milk: mix milk with your chamomile infusion
  • Blossom milk: add a teaspoon of orange blossom to your milk
  • Sahlab (a great choice for winter cold nights): boil milk with a tablespoon of corn flour and sugar until thick; sprinkle with cinnamon. Eat with breadsticks or kaak

Start your day with a morning boost:

If you are one of many who love the taste of coffee in the morning, this is a sure way to make you drink your morning glass of milk:

  • Milk with instant coffee (NESCAFE®)
  • Morning mocha drink (milk, NESCAFE® and cocoa powder)

Choose fruity flavours and more nutrition:

If you like the taste and freshness of fruits, you’ll love these combinations that are loaded with milk’s nutrients; and fruits’ vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Enjoy them as an energy boost in the morning or afternoon.

  • Banana berry milk: milk blended with bananas and fresh strawberries
  • Raspberry chocomilk: milk blended with raspberries and a cocoa powder
  • Tropical milk drink: milk blended with pineapple juice and coconut shavings
  • Do-It-Yourself smoothie: just blend milk with any fruit you like and enjoy a custom-made smoothie

Kids’ special tasty and fun milk:

  • Strawberry popsicles: blend strawberry milk with fresh strawberries and freeze in popsicles

Good to Remember:

An extra milk source in your diet can be delicious home-made puddings such as mouhallabieh, rice pudding or khashtalieh.
With these tasty ideas, milk drinks can now be enjoyed any time during the day to help you meet your calcium needs. Remember that you can also add milk to your diet by including it in your cooking, especially in soups and pasta sauces.

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