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Nutrition Dictionary

  • Glucose

    Glucose is a monosaccharide (a sugar). Carbohydrate containing foods are broken down during digestion into glucose. The body’s cells use glucose to make energy to fuel the body. Sometimes the words ‘blood glucose’ and ‘blood sugar’ are used interchangeably.

  • Gluten

    Gluten is a type of protein found in cereal plants like wheat, barely, rye and oats. For some people, gluten is an allergen.

  • Guideline Daily Amounts

    Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA's) are a form of nutrition labelling seen on food labels that aim to help consumers understand the nutrition information on the pack. GDA’s provide information on the quantities of specific nutrients in a given product. They tell you what percentage of the daily recommended intake of that nutrient is in the product as a percentage of a person’s daily dietary needs (calories, fat, saturated fat, sugars, and sodium).

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