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Nutrition Dictionary

  • Non-haem iron

    The iron found in plant foods is known as non-haem iron. Iron from plants is found in wholegrain breads and cereals, legumes, nuts and seeds and some vegetables like spinach. Non-haem iron is not absorbed by the body as well as haem iron from animal products. Eating foods rich in vitamin C with a non-haem iron containing food can help increase absorption of iron by the body.

  • Nutrition

    Nutrition is the science of food and its relationship with health. Food is made up of nutrients and a person needs all of the vital nutrients for good health and prevention of disease. These nutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, vitamins, minerals and water. Good nutrition and a balanced diet are foundations for leading a healthy life.

  • Nestlé Nutrition Compass®

    Nestlé Nutrition Compass® is a labelling panel exclusive to Nestlé designed to guide consumers to make healthier choices. It provides nutrition information and tips on how to include the food as part of a balanced diet. It is found on the pack of all Nestlé products.

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